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When you choose Red Carpet Transport Solutions, you choose to receive the Red Carpet Treatment. That means your vehicle is shipped with the patience and care from the top shipping agents in the country. Our customers feel like celebrities throughout the shipping process from quote inquiry to delivery.
Transport your vehicle with the company that services the top dealerships in the country.

With 12 years experience in the vehicle shipping industry, you can trust us to handle your vehicle with care. There are many companies to choose from, but there is only one Red Carpet Transport Solutions. Don't take chances working with the industry monsters where your order is just a drop in the bucket. Why risk handing the keys over to a no-name trucker with questionable insurance, or equipment? We are just the right size business that we can provide unbeatable customer service and a multitude of open and enclosed trailers to fit your needs, all the while offering you the lowest prices in the industry. Our vehicle shipping agents handle accounts for many of the top car dealerships in the country providing help with dealer trades, auction pick-ups, and private sales to out-of-state buyers. For many years we focused our efforts on working solely with these dealerships, building relationships and helping the business grow one transport order at a time. Red Carpet Transport Solutions is now offering this same great service to private individuals in need of shipping their vehicle. Utilize our services for any reason, like the family moving to a new city, or a grandfather finding his dream car hundreds of miles away for sale online. We can guide you through the shipping process whether it is your first experience with having your vehicle transported, or hundredth time. Our job is to make you feel comfortable all along the way by providing you with an assigned vehicle shipping agent and their cell phone number, and email address to CALL/TEXT/EMAIL anytime 24/7. How many businesses do you know that offer a one-on-one service in a nationwide industry? The answer is Red Carpet Transport Solutions...and The Red Carpet Treatment.

  • Personal Service
  • 24 / 7 Availability via Call/Text/Email
  • Lower Overhead = Rock Bottom Prices!
  • Fast Pick Up Times Approx 1-3 Days

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We have an all-star cast of the best vehicle shipping agents in the world - Every team member is available via call/text/email when you need them most
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Tanya P.

Chief Executive Officer
With a comforting voice, and a quick mind, Tanya has become the President of one of the most successful vehicle shipping companies in the United States. Her family, friends, and Red Carpet team think the world of her, and we believe a quick conversation via call/text/email anytime will have you thinking the same.
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Joel B.

Chief Operating Officer
The go-getter, Joel is pushing the company to new limits everyday. He is the creative business mind that has brought us to another level these past 2 years. From a small operation of himself, and Tanya, to the “personable powerhouse” we have today, Joel knows what it takes to get the job done… contact him today.
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Ryan C.

Lead Shipping Agent
Ryan is the lightening in a bottle that Red Carpet Transport Solutions has been grateful to catch. Don’t get us wrong, he also has the unique ability to organize his ideas, and work while creating an efficient atmosphere for our dealerships and private customers to get the job right, and on time.
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Eric S.

Lead Shipping Agent
Order after order after order, Eric moves more cars than any other 2 shipping agents combined. He is the ultimate car shipper, and can be reach via call/text/email anytime to place an order, and even to bounce a quote of him. You are in good hands when you contact Eric S, and you are certainly not alone.
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Sara W.

Office Support
Every office needs that go-to girl that performs miracles behind the scenes. Sara is just that for Red Carpet Transport Solutions. She handles our top client’s shipping orders, assists other agents on their orders, and keeps the office running efficiently, all the while with a glowing smile on her face.
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Ryan B.

Accounting / Finance Director
The “other Ryan” is the man behind the curtain. With 5 years in the industry, Ryan is an absolute whiz when it comes to cash-flow management, financial analysis, and drawing up contracts. It’s an honor to have such a hard-working professional in our arsenal.


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